About Us


We are a family owned and operated company who install and repair air conditioners in the southern suburbs.  That's a little over simplified, but it's so much easier to read than the ABOUT US page we had originally planned. 

We've been keeping people cool (and warm for that matter) for years, we have loads of experience and we tick all the boxes that make us qualified, reliable, professional AND friendly and fun.

So read on to find out all about us... or just call us and find out for yourself in person :-)


Owner / Operator / All round good guy

Terry and his wife Jo put the "cool" in AC Cooling.  Terry has over 25 years of experience within the air conditioning industry and I'm pretty sure Jo has been cool her whole life.  But her impeccable business management skills are probably more what you're after on this page, so you can read more about Jo below.

Terry also has his ARCTick Licence which must be held by any person who carries out work in relation to refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, so check your technician today! Because handling fluorocarbon refrigerant without it, is an offence, and in our minds, just a little crazy and dangerous.

In Terry's spare time he likes to take the family camping and he has been known to dress up like a pirate... I mean... who doesn't like to dress up like a pirate?  But he assures us it was for a good community cause.  So we've included a photo for good measure. But I'm pretty sure he'll never hire us to do his web site again :-o


Owner / Business Manager / Friendly voice of calm when you have an air conditioning crisis

Jo and her hubby Terry are your local friendly air conditioner whisperers in the South. In summer they have a LOT of whispering to do, so Jo coordinates the team and manages the business with impeccable style.  And she's generally just a cool "go to" person in the community. She gets stuff done.  At work. At play. At. Anywhere.  And happily. When your air conditioner loses its cool, Jo's friendly voice of calm will help you keep your cool while she whisks her team into action.


In Jo's spare time she likes to hang out with her friends, go camping with her family and generally keep people smiling wherever she goes.  

Unfortunately I have no pirate photos of Jo.  She either hasn't ever dressed up like a pirate, or no one has lived to tell the tale.  


ARC tick License No: AU 27035.  Electical License No: EW 139920.


Ducting Inspector

Tahlia works at AC Cooling on a casual basis, really just turning up when she pleases and leaving when she's had enough.  She's not the most reliable of ducting inspectors, in fact this picture was taken on her first (and only) inspection of 2018 and she hasn't been seen much on site since. 


Tahlia has served several years at the local primary school as a student and has more than 10 years experience being a child so she brings a wealth of family life to the team.

In her spare time she can often be found playing soccer and netball, camping with the rest of the family and spending time with the supervising manager at AC Cooling.  


Supervising Manager 

Bruiser holds the role of supervising manager at AC Cooling and is a loyal member of the team and family.


He can often be found supervising whole projects and is so proficient he can achieve much of his work with his eyes closed. 


Despite being manager, he spends a lot of his time on the workshop floor, right in there with the technicians.  He really keeps his eye on the ball in the AC Cooling team.

In his spare time... who are we kidding, work horses of his calibre don't have any spare time.  Keep up the "ruff" work Bruiser.

These Guys

Air Conditioning Technicians

AC Cooling have a small team of  technicians who are fully qualified in all aspects of air conditioning and refigeration.  Like dentists, we can't show photos of their faces so this one of them lifting boxes will have to stand as testament to their expertise.  They are lifting air conditioners after all.  

But these guys are the friendly feet on the ground who will take care of all your air conditioning needs.  From the install and repair to the clean up afterwards.

We are

mitsubishi heavy industries air plus dealer

Which means - if we install it, we'll be the ones to do the warranty repairs as well - so you know who will be looking after you right from the start.  It also means AC Cooling have the technical know-how and product knowledge of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners to help you choose the best air conditioner for your needs. We are also industry accredited, professional installers and we can supply, install and offer ongoing warranty and support for your Mitsubishi air conditioner.