Servicing and maintenance

AC Cooling Services can service, repair and replace reverse cycle and evaporative air conditioning units.

Air conditioners need regular preventative maintenance to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. A dirty air filter or coil can reduce your unit’s ability to circulate conditioned air throughout a room.


Compressors can work harder to compensate and can drive up your power bill and shorten the life of your compressor. Water leaks can cause damage to the air con unit or worse, your home! 


We offer a general range of services

General Service on Reverse Cycle units

  • Return air filter clean

  • Indoor unit fascia clean

  • Surface clean of the internal and external heat transfer coil

  • Refrigerant gas level and pressure checks

  • Suction super heat inspection

  • Indoor and outdoor unit air temperature differential logging

  • Electrical inspection of circuit components

  • Tightening wire terminals

  • Inspect fan motor bearings 

  • Check function and operation

  • Controller and timer strategy inspection

  • Check condensate trays, drains and traps

  • Inspect housing, pipework and insulation for corrosion and wear

  • Inspect zone control systems

  • Inspect ducting

General Service on Evaporative Units

  • Clean sumps, pump inlet strainer and filters

  • Clean fan cowling and blades

  • Check overall operation of the unit

  • Check noisey operation of the unit

  • Check cooling pads and dropper

  • Inspect ducting

  • Check all electrical wiring and terminals

  • Check operation of the controller

  • Check casing fixtures and mounts

  • Check belts, set re-align and re-tension

Checks You Can Make Yourself

Some faults you may be able to diagnose or even fix yourself.  It might be worth trying the following and it may save you a diagnostic call out fee.

  • Check that the air filters are clean and not damaged

  • Check that there is nothing blocking the air flow to and from both the indoor and outdoor units

  • Change the batteries in the remote

  • Check your settings on the remote

  • For refrigerative systems, check all the doors and windows are closed

  • Power cycle the system by switching off the power either at the isolator near the outdoor unit or the circuit breaker in the electrical box.  Leave it off for at least 10 minutes

If you are still having problems with your unit please write down any system fault codes. Our office and service staff can use these to help you.  

  • If you have a wall controller the fault code will be on the screen.

  • If you have a remote controller there may be a series of flashing LEDs on the indoor unit – note down the sequence of flashes 

Diagnostic Call Out

A diagnostic call out is for finding faults in systems that have stopped working or not running properly.  Your unit might have stopped cooling/heating, not responding to the remote, making a funny noise, tripping the circuit breaker or just not behaving as expected. AC Cooling Services have qualified refrigeration technicians with years of experience that will come on site to diagnose the problem.

Our call out charges include up to an hour of the technician's time; if he can fix the issue in that time he will – if not he will forward his findings back to the office and we will then send you our recommendations for repair.



If your system is under 5 years old it may be covered under warranty by the manufacturer.  AC Cooling Services are the warranty repair agents for a number brands, if your unit is covered you must first contact the manufacturer and then they can contact us to independently inspect your system.  If there is a fault with the system then the repair will be covered by the manufacturer. If the issue is non-warranty then we charge the standard diagnostic call out rate.

Non warranty items include:

  • Faults or gas leaks due to copper pipe work and fittings

  • Poorly maintained system eg. blocked filters, poor air flow 

  • Damage

  • Poorly installed ie. not compliant with the manufacturer guidelines