AC Cooling Services supply, install and repair all refrigerated units, including split systems and ducted units. 

We also service, repair and replace existing evaporative air conditioning units.

Air Conditioner Repairs


AC Cooling Services have qualified refrigeration technicians with years of experience.


We offer affordable, professional, local services and can repair and/or upgrade any systems.


All brands of commercial and domestic air conditioners can be diagnosed for faults.


We will always quote before repairs are completed.

Maintenance & Service


Air conditioners need regular preventative maintenance to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. A dirty air filter or coil can reduce your unit’s ability to circulate conditioned air throughout a room.


Compressors can work harder to compensate and can drive up your power bill and shorten the life of your compressor. Water leaks can cause damage to the air con unit or worse, your home! 

AC Cooling Services offer preventative and ongoing maintenance to minimise faults and reduce costly repair bills.